Saturday, April 27, 2013


I reached out and trusted one, and later faced a gun
And because of that stupid mistake, my body and mind ache.

I am stuck wondering why, sometimes it makes me cry.
Who could have predicted this, all after my first kiss?

I am left all alone, while this case continues to postpone.
Now I feel deserted while some say or think I am perverted.

I have lost faith in most, because I think they see me as gross.
The error I made – occurred due to my mind being strayed.

I want to be able to connect, but I only can reflect.
All that I have achieved, I now only wonder how am I perceived?

When I look into to someone’s eyes,
I wonder – do I have to feign a disguise?
Do they know the truth about me?
Or can I live my life like I want it to be?

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