Friday, April 12, 2013


I sit and lie awake, while my body intensely aches.
Picturing what happened over four years ago,
That shook me and damaged my soul.

I am continually up late at night, thinking about my fright
Of the future of the one, that my parents call their son.
He is my brother; I would never trade him for another.
He continually fights to overcome, while I am left breathless and numb.

My heart is empty, my mind often draws blanks;
And when I am consoled, all my mouth utters is thanks.
There are still tears, which fall upon deaf ears
Due to the pain and fear after all of these years.

It still is hard for me to connect and to feel warm;
Because for so long I have deviated from the norm.
I go out and search for something to make me feel whole,
But all I am looking for is someone eager to console.

When I am lucky to enjoy a moment of joy,
I quickly am reminded of that helpless boy.
Who has gone through so much, but still has that delicate touch.
His life has taken a toll, but still appears to be whole.

He is often frustrated, but his condition has extremely upgraded.
Even simple communication for him is tough, and I think my life is rough?

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