Monday, July 29, 2013

The Bumpy Ride

Still working on this one!

Driving in the ambulance, the scene playing on loop
My mom deliriously continues to ask, what’s the scoop?
She doesn’t remember what happened just one minute ago
How do I explain to her this irreversible blow?

My brain is running one hundred miles an hour
While I am strapped down without power.
The ambulance siren ringing as we race to the ER
As my mind is focused on the package in the other car.

My mom concussed laying by my side
While my life was just washed away by a thunderous tide.
Cords connected to monitors continually beeping

I ask the paramedics where they took him

Jarone Ashkenazi

Thursday, July 25, 2013


It started with a shake and twitch of his chin
What happened next was much to my chagrin.
We thought it was just his jaw, but shortly after we were in awe.

He walked up the stairs and soon I heard a shout,
My dad screaming/yelling my name and I knew beyond a doubt.
I ran on the double, knowing too well that my brother was in serious trouble. 

I saw my brother convulsing and my dad holding him
My adrenaline kicked in as he shook every limb.
My dad helped me lay him on the floor, hoping that he’d soon restore.

Grabbing a pillow to place under his head
I started to panic and my optimism/hopefulness fled.
I looked on the computer for what to do, so I could get a clue. 

We placed him on his side as he shook uncontrollably 
It happened before but this time more notably.
As my dad looked over his son, I called 9-1-1.

The shaking stopped and he began to recuperate
He was unaware of what occurred so we began to illustrate.
Waiting for the paramedics to come, he laid there numb.