Saturday, April 20, 2013


On his way to another appointment with my mom
Shouldn’t she know how to keep him calm?

The door swings furiously open, he has returned sooner than expected
And from the screams and cries I know he feels subjected.

Coming home fuming and not knowing how to cope
While no one fully understands his entire scope.

He storms into his room and sinks into his chair
Shouting and crying completely alone and in despair.

I go to see what is wrong and if I can console
But I know that these past years have taken its toll.

Enraged, fuming, and ready to explode
How am I going to be able to crack this code?

He begins to calm but then my mom enters the room,
I knew to well that he would ultimately fume.

A scream a crash the laptop is on the floor
Another battle lost in this ongoing war.

About to lose it again I am forced to restrain
None of this is hardly mundane.

Another day, another meltdown – and yet again he is alone.

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